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We are specialized in helping startups overcome the obstacles standing in the way of growth.

Boest your business.


The breakthrough approach

We believe that growth is not a one-off action but the result of focus and decisiveness. We can help you improve your results and take your company further by creating a tailor-made inside approach that suits your company DNA. We will help your company to breakthrough into the next stage of success.


Our guidance is focused on strengthening the fundamentals for growth, sharpening the commercial propositions, focusing the strategy, increase sales rhythm and enriche the commercial message. All in a smart way that matches the status, the size and the ambition of the company.

Breakthrough Investment

Are you seeking and ready for an investment? In this phase the emphasis is on market potential, scalability, IT readiness, the commercial proof and above all, the team. The investment phase is often a crucial phase, takes longer than planned and one of the reasons where start-up ventures get distracted and fail. We can support this INVESTMENT READY phase and optimize the chance for a successful and matching investment.

Breakthrough Management

Our breakthrough management comes in whenever the obstacles of growth are difficult to overcome. We fulfill a leadership role and will set together the path for growth right from inside. We Execute first, Incorporate a feedback loop, Empower your team (“you need them”), Focus on clear step by step goals, Stay open for change. The passion for growth and our experience will bring energy, focus and results.

Breakthrough IT Solutions

IT can often be a bottleneck in deploying the product innovation roadmap or creating and building the scalable scale up. The lack of local IT expertise and skills, or flexibility in expertise often creates a delay often in a period where the growth potential is there. In this crucial phase it can be a solution if a selected and proven IT partner specialized in scale-up IT support, able to support different skills, and tuned at affordable cost solutions will join the breakthrough phase.


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